August is the past, it's in the books... it's behind us. But that doesn't mean we can't look back at what exactly happened in the world of crime in El Paso.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not including any serious crimes such as murder, human trafficking, or domestic abuse. Those are SERIOUS crimes & we're keeping things light hearted here. If you DO experience a serious crime, you can always leave a tip for the Crime Stoppers of El Paso.

I'm sure we remember seeing the abundance of mansion parties in town. They became so much of a problem that on the 17th, the courts decided to say "NO MORE!" and did something about. Even if it's not a permanent fix:

Or perhaps you remembered the Ft Bliss soldier who used a 3D printer... to make parts of a gun. (I didn't know that was even POSSIBLE).

It's never a great idea to drink & drive... especially when it involves slamming into a POLICE car. That's something that can REALLY ruin your night:

This month we've seen our share of people arrested for counterfeiting, and in Las Cruces, there were people accused & convicted for credit card skimming. People will do anything for money these days, it's crazy...

Some honorable mentions include the Las Cruces man who threatened to burn a building at NMSU. Another honorable mention was this case in Laredo: A shipment of baby wipes actually became much more than that. This happened on the 30th. That wasn't the only time cocaine was smuggled near the border. 14 pounds of cocaine were caught on the 19th. And that wouldn't even be the first time THIS MONTH that it happened at the Ysleta Port of Entry.

I certainly don't know what kind of insane crimes we'll experience this month but hopefully they'll be a minimum... I hope.

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