It's a small name change coming to Wal-mart Stores that could possibly be the handiwork of our laziness.

Most of us usually refer to Wal-mart in a certain way, and it looks like the corporate office has given in.  Surely they won't officially call it "Wally World," right?   

You might be calling Wal-mart by its new name already without even realizing it.  Because the word doesn't change  Just they way it's written.

If you look at the signs outside the stores and on the shopping carts, you'll notice that Wal-mart has already made the name change in practice and they'll make it a legal name change early next year.

USA Today reported this week that "Wal-mart Stores" is the official name right now, but a name change is coming that will drop the "stores" part of the name and eliminate the hyphen.

When you write it down now, do you drop the hyphen?  Yep!  Walmart may have caved in to our inability to get that right right finger all the way up to that hyphen key on the keyboard.  And they want to emphasize e-commerce to compete with Amazon, and simpler is better.

Oh, and if your favorite East Texas Walmart store is one that could use a little fixing up, USA Today also says the company has a goal of improving the appearance, product quality, and perks at its stores, like discounts for shoppers who order online and pick up the order in the store.

Sounds like the subtle name change is just the tip of the iceberg for good ole Wally World.

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