Every year, millions of guys in America procrastinate and then flip out about what gift(s) to get their valentines on February 14th. What we don't think about is the other side of the equation.

Recently, I was asked, "Mark, what do you want for Valentine's Day?" This took me off guard, because I always thought about what to buy to give the girl, NOT what I was going to receive in return.

So, ladies, if you're one that's are asking your man what he wants for V-Day, hopefully this list will help, at least a little bit.

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    Whether it's a new TV, a sound system, or something else similar, electronics are always a pretty safe bet on the list of possible gift ideas.

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    Outdoor Equipment

    Guns, ammo, fishing rods - you name it. Any of these will find a way onto an upper-part of a man's wish list. And, if you're not sure about specifics on any of these, a gift card to an outdoor store (Academy, Cabela's, etc.) is sure to work just as well.

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    The title says it all. Steak, brisket, chicken, ANY form of meat that you can throw on a grill will work. You don't even have to cook it for him. Just get him the materials to cook it, and it's all good.

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    mikhail choumiatsky

    Grilling Equipment

    Yes, lots of people will say that this should go under the "Outdoor Equipment" part of the list. And yes, it goes hand in hand with the "Meat" portion. But the truth is, grilling equipment has it's very own, unique place on the list of what to get your man. There's just something about grilling that appeals to men so much. So really, anything that has do with grilling is spot-on.

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    Time With You

    You might say that this is 'too cheesy' for men. But the fact of the matter is, this is honest truth. The entire reason that men even get remotely worked up about Valentine's Day is because of their Valentine. In the end, the gifts are great, and chances are, whatever you get him is going to be just fine (if you're not sure, just go with the safe choice and pick up a generic Visa gift card so he can spend it wherever he may choose), but really, the fact that he's got your attention, and YOU in general, is going to be quite the gift for Valentine's Day.

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