Valentine's Day is approaching fast, and while many people are responsible romantics, the rest of us start looking for gifts at the last minute.

If you are planning on ordering a present for your significant other online, technically THIS is last minute, since you need to account for shipping times.

Don't be one of those people that wanders into the pharmacy on your way home from work to pick up some gross mixed chocolates, and a $15 teddy bear.

It's generally encouraged to shop local, and you'd be surprised what you can find at a boutique or locally owned shop in your own neighborhood.

For those of you who have little time to research local shops, and less time to drive around looking for them, here are a few websites you might not know about that could provide that "outside the box" idea you're looking for.

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    Mod Cloth

    ModCloth has quirky clothing as well as practical items your loved ones can use on a day to day basis.

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    Etsy is sort of different from commercial eshop sites. Creative people make clothing items, accessories, decorative pieces, crafts, and a whole lot more. They can control their own orders and even make custom items for special occasions. The items you find on Etsy will feel a bit more special because you know the things you are buying aren't necessarily mass produced.

    Even if your girlfriend or wife has alternative tastes, you'll be able to find something she'll be interested in on this site.

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    This next website, you'll have to register for to get the good deals, but it can be worth it during the holidays.

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    Jane is like Zulily in that you'll need to give them your email address as soon as you visit their site. Most of the items in this entire list are comprised of wholesale items, so you could be getting them cheaper than usual.

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    Don't Overthink It ...

    We were never knocking Amazon. It's there for a reason and is well trusted. Check out these cute Disney Princess mugs I found recently with artwork done by Thomas Kinkade.

    Click Here Eric! (My Husband) Hint, hint.

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