Most people are grossed out by the sight of dead animals on the road.  No one will even go near one, much less eat it.  Well, almost no one.

A man in England does eat road kill. In fact, animals he's found dead on a road have been the major part of his diet since he was a teenager.  Absolutely true story.

Dead dogs, cats, squirrels, rats, mice, foxes, owls, pigeons, moles, even snakes, it makes no difference.  If it's dead on a highway, and is still "fresh", Jonathan McGowan will take it home and cook it for dinner.  Highly seasoned, of course.

McGowan is a professional taxidermist who makes his living by stuffing and mounting dead animals.  He says he started eating roadkill 30 years ago at age 14, when he found a dead adder on the side of the road and decided to cook it just to see what it tasted like.

He says that first snake wasn't very tasty, but he was intrigued by the culinary possibilities.  He just learned to be a better cook and he's been happy and healthy ever since.  Or so he says.

via Jonathan McGowan, 44-Year-Old UK Man, Lives Off Roadkill For 30 Years.

McGowan won't say if he's ever had any negative gastric consequences from his unique "diet".  He just says he's careful to cook the meat thoroughly.

Think of the money he's saved on food bills.

This reminds  us of an an old Texas Aggie joke.

How many Aggies does it take to eat an armadillo?

Nine.  Eight to eat it and one to watch for cars.