Time for you to come to your own conclusion. Of course, as of right now, with now actual confirmation, this is a legit UFO. An Unidentified Flying Object.

I've been following this election really closely. So closely that I'm constantly checking Donald Trump's Twitter page, and even boxer David Rodriguez's Twitter page. They both seem to be on about the same wave length when it comes to the election and conspiracy theories. If you have any questions about what they're posting, you honestly just have to go to Snopes to fact check what they're doing. HERE IS A LINK to a video that Trump legitimately tweeted out as if it was proof of massive corruption and voter fraud. Well, it's not.

Why am I going on this really strange tangent? Because I think something would be hilarious. Let's be honest. Trump is a child throwing a fit that he lost. Does he deserve recounts in states like Georgia? Yeah. It was a close race. Is there massive corruption and voter fraud that led to Biden 'stealing' the election? No. So what's next for Trump? He's been cleaning house at the Pentagon, which is really scary. This is a dictator move who is losing power. But, what if, the thing he's lining up for is revealing big ass secrets like..... ALIENS! How great would that be? Trump's like "Okay, I lost. I'm leaving. But F*** you guys! There's aliens bitches!" Okay, in reality that wouldn't be so cool because who knows what that would lead to, but it makes me laugh thinking about it.

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