It's only right that a Texan would be the last man standing at the annual Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship in Piru, California.  22 year old B.J. Norris of Tyler has won the title of "World's Fastest Shooter," and we're talking about speed shooting with a handgun.

B.J. Norris won the title at the annual Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship, held the weekend of Aug. 19. This ranks Norris as one of the best speed shooters in the world.

The Steel Challenge is a speed shooting event that focuses more on speed than accuracy.  Competitors have to complete a series of eight different shooting stages.

In each stage, the shooter shoots at groupings of steel plates and a gong to stop the clock.  The shooter who completes all the stages with the best scores and best time wins.
Norris claimed the 2011 title with a time of 81.18 seconds. That wasn't his best time ever, but he's only the 16th shooter in this event's 30 year history to complete the entire challenge in less than or close to 80 seconds.

via Tylerite Earns Title Of World's Fastest Shooter.

Accuracy is less important than speed in this competition. They don't need the "tight groupings" that win in target shooting, but shooters still have to be able to hit what they're shooting at, every time.

It's only fitting that the world's fastest shooter would be a Texan.