While kidney disease doesn't discriminate, and can affect anyone, so can the power of friendship and hope.

There's no doubt in anyone's' mind that Texas women are strong, but Amanda Russell of Huntington has had her strength tested more than enough.

Check out this Facebook post that shares the story of two friends, and how a Disney quote reinforced a good heart to make the change they wanted to see in the world.

A few years ago at a kid's birthday party at Sarah & Caleb's house, a group of us girls were huddled visiting on the back porch and some how Amanda's health got brought up. She mentioned that this kidney (she's already had a transplant before around 12 years ago by a deceased donor) was starting to go down and that she would likely need another transplant within the next few years. I asked what blood type she was and she said "B-" and I joked, "Me too! Heck, I'll give you a kidney."
Quite a few months ago I was lying in my comfy bed snuggling with my littles when Amanda posted a photo of her newly inserted central line. She stated that she also had heart surgery and that she wished it was a just manic Monday going to work and home to her family, and that we should not take those Manic Monday's for granted. Meanwhile, a "Go Fund Me" account was floating around Facebook in honor of her. While lying in bed, I teared up a little thinking about all the things I take for granted. I also thought that if I were in Amanda's position, money would be the LAST thing on my mind at that point in time. And then it hit me!!
I was also watching Zootopia that night while lying in bed. At the end of the movie, Judy Hopps is giving her speech and says, "Look inside yourself and see that change starts with YOU." Then I started boohooing.
The next morning I called my mom and told her I had something weighing on my heart. "Oh no!" was her reply (because this is usually not a good thing😂) I told her what I wanted to do and she said, "Oh my goodness. That just melts my heart and if you can't donate, I will, because I'm the same blood type as you." Awesome. So then I called Kyle. God love him, he doesn't know much about the medical field, so his reply was, "Well baby if there's no risk for you in the long run then go for it." Double awesome. I called Amanda who was still loopy from the surgery the day before. I said, "Did you think I was joking when I told you I would give you a kidney?" She giggled a loopy giggle and said that Jarod was going through testing to donate. I text Jarod and he basically told me no. Lol.
This has been the absolute most rewarding experience. It's almost selfish really, how good it makes me feel to have been able to do this.
This day in time it's so easy to be selfish, even when you don't mean to be. It's so easy to take things for granted, things like "Manic Monday's." May we all be more giving, empathetic, and loving to one another. Don't just complain about how we need change. BE the change you want to see in the world. BE the kidney." - Sommer Willis with Amanda Russell via Facebook

According to Amanda, the kidney transplant happened a week ago (Nov. 23), and the kidney started functioning immediately.

This is truly inspiring, and a great reminder that we should see what we can do as individuals to bring light into the world.