If you see an injured bald eagle in a field, how would you help?  Two Texas businessmen tried to save the majestic bird.  Here's the story.

Bald eagles were on the endangered list until 2007, and there are still some protections that apply to it.  Federally protected or not, it's a beautiful bird, and most Texans appreciate how majestic it is.

Two businessmen saw a bald eagle that most likely had been tangled up with power lines and had been electrocuted in a field near Beaumont. The tried to save her by getting her connected with wildlife rescuers in Houston.  KHOU says the current went from her foot, through her body and out the left side of her head and she suffered severe burns.

She was nicknamed "Hope" at the Wildlife Center of Texas in Houston, but veterinarians there had to euthanize her after they saw the extent of the injuries.

Bald eagles sightings don't happen as often as we'd like, but there are still many of the birds left in Texas.  That's good!  Click HERE for a Bald Eagle Viewing Directory to see where Texans are finding them, and add your story.

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