I guess we just kinda took for granted that our kids would also get to grow up to be Toys “R” Us Kids. That dream was dashed when the iconic toy store went bankrupt in 2018. Well, now it's making a comeback... including to Dallas, TX

This is great news, and of course it's just in time for the holiday shopping season. Soon every Macy's store will have a Toys "R" Us Pop Up store inside. It's a store within a store situation.

According to CNN, "The stores will range in size from 1,000 square feet in smaller locations to up to 10,000 square feet in flagship stores in big cities. Square footage may expand during the peak holiday season. The stores will feature hands-on demonstration tables for customers to interact with various toys and will have a life-size “Geoffrey on a Bench” photo opportunity for families."

While we no longer currently have a Macy's in Tyler nor Longview, Dallas still has several locations, which means as long as this release is correct and every Macy's is getting one, East Texans won't have to drive too far to check out these Toys "R" Us pop up stores.

Looking outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you'll still find several in Austin and Houston as well. Road trip!

And the rollout is going to happen fast. It is expected to begin this month and continue through October. That's a lot of toys in a short amount of time, and I'll tell you what, it makes 8-year-old me very happy.

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