Honeybees are good.  I like them.  They are usually very docile.  They pollinate our flowers and produce honey.  I don't feel the same way about wasps. 

Yes, I've read the literature on why wasps are good for the ecology.  They kill quite a few insects that are garden destroyers and some of them do pollinate as well.  However, 3 wasps stung my head some years ago when all I was doing was walking past their nest...with a lawn mower.

Yes, I know it was the loud noise that set them off, but I shouldn't have to pay a painful price for their sound intolerance.  These insects are the inventors of road rage and that aggressive behavior must be punished.  I have killed my share of wasps in my time, usually from a cowardly distance with a 25 foot stream of poison from a can, but I could never bring myself to do what this wasp exterminator is doing.  Even with protective clothing and numerous precautions, most beekeepers will tell you that several stings on hive removals are normal.

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