Oh, the horror when we jump off the boat into Sam Rayburn Lake, only to realize the phone is still in our pockets!  And sometimes it falls into the toilet and gets soaked that way. Besides panic, what is the first thing we should do?  This method is the best one to save a wet phone, according to the experts.

We've heard before that sticking the wet phone in a bag of rice might help.  But there's something better.

The newest phone-saving hack involves kitty litter, and leaving it in there as long as possible.  First, shake the water out of the phone and then put it in a bag of crystal kitty litter, and that's supposed to draw the water out.

How long is "as long as possible?"  A few days?  The anxiety over the phone withdrawals might kill us during that length of time.  But apparently we an access social media from the desktop too, while we wait for the crystals to kick in.

Do you have any other phone-saving methods?  We'd love to hear them.

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