Last night was not a good night for Houston Rockets fans. A game seven loss to the Golden State Warriors is painful, especially considering that the winner would be only one step away from a national title. However, there are worse things that could happen. So, from this San Antonio Spurs fan (ME) to all of my Houston Rockets fans, this list is for you.



  • 1

    No More Whataburger

    One of the worst things I could imagine, for sure.

  • 2

    A Change In The SFA Logo

    Remember how well that went over? Yeah, me neither.

  • 3

    Facebook Stalkers

    We've all dealt with these at some point. You get one message, then another, then 4,652 messages later, you realize you may have a problem.

  • 4

    No More BBQ...EVER

    This is cruel and unusual. And so much worse than a Rockets' loss. Or, even worse than the Rockets disbanding altogether.

  • ABC

    Last Man Standing Getting Cancelled...Again

    Not a pleasant experience, especially the second time around.

  • TheHollywoodReporter

    Another Kardashian Show

    Oh, please no, make it stop...

  • YouTube

    More Pop Country Music

    Yes, we need more sparkly skinny jeans, more beats and banjo, and more spoken word on the country stations. NOT.


    Male Rompers, or Romp-hims

    This one speaks for itself...

  • Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    More Road Construction

    Always worse. Doesn't really matter what you're comparing it to, it's always worse with more construction.

  • Getty Images

    Losing To The Dallas Mavericks

    I'd say this would be worse than losing to the Warriors.