It seems like it's a weekly occurrence to hear about some new scam that is making waves. And, every so often, those scams will make their way into our neck of the woods, right here in Deep East Texas. Today, Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches took to Facebook to warn about another scam that is taking place.

Apparently, the scammer is calling people and telling them that they missed a court date. Due to missing the date, a warrant has now been issued for their arrest. The scammer then orders people to go purchase gift cards to secure their bail or release. He tells them that he will call back to get the information on the cards.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind concerning this scam:

  1. The Sheriff's Office will not contact you via phone to inform you that you've missed a court date. That should be the first red flag for you.
  2. The Sheriff's Office will not tell you to get gift cards to secure bail.
  3. Whatever you do, DO NOT give out any personal information on these scam calls. If it seems that something is a bit off, chances are good that something sketchy is going on.

If you are a victim of this scam, you're encouraged to call the Angelina County Sheriff's Office at 936-634-3331.

Read the post from Facebook below:


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