Zac Collier is a Texas A&M Aggie and a lover of the National Anthem. Those two parts of Collier came to a head during the Women's College World Series last week.

The Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma State Cowgirls were playing for the right to advance to the National Championship. Before the game, Collier stepped up to the plate and blasted a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

Here's said National Anthem:

Now, at the end of this video is where the Aggie side of Collier is let loose like Dr. Bruce Banner going green. He first throws a Guns Up, uh...I mean, a "pistols firing" hand gesture in honor of the Cowgirls, then tosses an aggressive horns down sign to the Longhorns.

Oh, the humanity.

Collier was set to sing the National Anthem during Game 9 of the Men's College World Series set to take place in Omaha, Nebraska starting this weekend, but now he's been banned from the event.

Collier shared screenshots of the NCAA's correspondence with him over the issue. The best part of the shots below is that Collier's email address is "Big Daddy," so the NCAA has to address him as such on their very professional reprimands.

"Due to the unsportsmanlike behavior shown after your performance at the Women's CWS, we need to go a different direction," an unnamed senior project coordinator in Omaha told Big Daddy. "You are no longer scheduled to perform at the Men's CWS."

When Collier asked the Omaha representative what they meant, they responded with a quote from the NCAA: "We have documented proof that he made offensive gestures and made a mockery of a participating team in the Women's CWS and we do not feel comfortable with him performing there."

First of all, I literally laughed out loud that the NCAA's official stance here, that they didn't "feel comfortable" letting Big Daddy perform the National Anthem. Second of all, you know this stems from Texas Longhorns Coach Mike White, who also made a mockery of his own team in the Big 12 Tournament when he flashed the bird in front of the entire crowd and acted like a clown.

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What's worse, horns down or the middle finger? Asking for a friend.

I'm sure the Longhorns complained about the horns down gesture and the NCAA always does what the Longhorns want them to do. That's no secret.

It sucks that Collier won't be able to throw his horns down in Omaha, but I'm sure he'll be singing the National Anthem again for us soon.

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