Everyone loves visiting spooky places near and far just for the thrills. Usually, most of us expect the most haunted places to look creepy on the outside, as well as on the inside.

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Now when some people think haunted, some picture a creepy abandoned building or just an eerily atmosphere. But not ALL haunted places have a creepy look or vibe to them.

One of the most haunted places is actually pretty beautiful. In my opinion, one of the most gorgeous cemeteries in Texas would have you thinking it isn't haunted at all.

For example, the abandoned orphanage in East El Paso is basically a plain view of dirt and a tagged building. But not all haunted places look terrifying especially the most haunted cemetery in Texas.

The Oakwood Cemetery in Texas is known for being the most haunted cemeteries as well as the most beautiful. If you check out the YouTube from Lost In Texas you will see for yourself how magnificent the place looks.

According to Austin Ghosts, there have been a few spirits that stayed behind and haunt Oakwood Cemetery. For example, one familiar ghost that makes her presence known is Eula Philips who was murdered with an ax at the age of 17.

Now if you ask me it is difficult to imagine a beautiful cemetery such as this to seem creepy despite the hauntings. I guess that is why they say never judge a book by its cover then.

Hell, even Backpacker Verse's top 10 list of the most haunted cemeteries includes Oakwood Cemetery. You got to admit the stunning views at Oakwood Cemetery give off the opposite vibe of creepy.

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