If you're Texan then you should know all that Texas has to offer you. There are all kinds of spots in Texas I have mentioned to you that should be on your list of places to visit.

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After all, Texas is a huge state and has tons of places you would enjoy visiting. There are some moments when you're scrolling on social media and come across what looks to be a peaceful place.

Most of the time when we do, it usually turns out to be a place that is far and out of the country. But not all beautiful places are that far away since you can find them in Texas.

One of the many beautiful places you must visit in Texas has the most pristine water you will see. So if you love kayaking, coasting on a paddle boat, or just swimming then this place is for you.

A new adventure awaits you in Val Verde County which is still in Texas. Now if you're all about goals hopefully traveling through Texas is one of them.

You certainly won't be disappointed if you visit the Devil's River in Texas. The Devil's River is 66 miles North of Del Rio should you choose to hit it up.

If you want an idea of what to expect first before traveling that far just check out 1YearinATear's YouTube video above. Another video to watch about Devils River is from the Secrets of Texas video on YouTube below.

Sometimes in life, it helps occasionally to go off the grid when it calls for it. Visiting Devil's River is a spot you have no service but is way worth it.

While at Devil's River you will be so mesmerized by the pristine flowing waters. Devils River State Natural Area is quite lovely for a getaway surrounded by nature. So if you ask me, the Devils River is the perfect getaway for a splash in Texas.

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