Doesn't it seem like animals reproduce and give birth all the time, and that it should be so routine that it's barely noticed?  Maybe that's the case in the wild, but when a baby is born in a zoo it's a big deal and a high five moment for the staff.

The live birth of the baby giraffe at the Dallas Zoo made the internet rounds a few weeks ago and created millions of hits for the Animal Planet's web page.

Now, it's another baby for the Dallas Zoo.  This was a much less-watched event, but no less successful.  A baby penguin hatched April 15th.  The Zoo tweeted it was the first ever baby penguin to hatch in Dallas.  This type of African penguin is on the Endangered Species list, which means the baby penguin -- that weighed a little more than a C battery when it was born -- is a huge accomplishment.

What are they going to name this penguin?!  The internet got to vote on the giraffe's name, and picked Kipenzi.

The baby penguin's parents' names are Tazo and Tulip, so we have a hunch the baby's name will start with a T.  Tony Romo?  We'll keep thinking.

Other studies show that pets can improve your overall health, so now that we have a penguin to visit, we can be thankful that Tazo is keeping us healthy!

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