One little hidden gem could quickly become your favorite vacation lake, and it takes just a few hours to get there.  I mean, who wouldn't love a summer afternoon on a trapeze swing?  And the lake is named after one of your favorite foods too.  

Burger's Lake is near Fort Worth, and the website Only in Your State has fallen in love with it.  They point out it's got slides, an "epic" trapeze swing, plenty of benches, and sandy beaches, and they say all ages can find something there to be happy about.

It's not often we see a diving board on a lake, but Burger's Lake has six of them.  And that trapeze swing to get a running start and launch yourself as far as you can into the water.  The lines may be a little long for that, but as long as you're soaked from the last jump it's not too awful to stand there in the heat and wait for the next drenching.  Oh, and there are two huge water slides to check out -- like water park huge and curvy -- and they send you right into a cove.

Burger's Lake is no ordinary lake.  It's got rides and ropes all around it, sand and not mud on the beaches, and lots of charcoal grills to claim so you can cook up the hot dogs while the kids are in and out of the water.

Is Burger's Lake the best lake in Texas?  It's near Fort Worth, and it might be worth the drive to pay it a visit and find out.  It's open through Labor Day!

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