This is either a April Fools Joke that went kind of wrong or quite possibly one of the most bizarre stories we've ever come across. But again, we're just 5 months into the year so its still kind of early. Video was released by a Texas police department in hopes of trying to track down a thief but the real question is if caught, can we not be too hard on the guy?

A suspected thief in Texas made off with an unusual item, a lawnmower.

Dog Lawnmower

The Port Arthur, TX Police Department recently released video of a man they have identified as Marcus Hubbard, going into the backyard of someone's home and taking a lawnmower. Now this type of crime happens every day and you're probably thinking its something petty, but it's what Mr. Hubbard does next that was caught on video that has everyone talking according to KETK.

After Taking The Mower, Hubbard Is Seen MOWING their Lawn With Their Mower That He Just Stole.

That's right folks, after taking the mower out, Mr. Hubbard decided to see if works so he took it for a test mow on the victim's lawn. Now this happened on April Fools Day and according to the time stamp on the security footage, it was after 7:00 PM at night. While mowing your lawn at night is never optimal, it may not have seemed weird to others considering it was you know "Prank Day".

Authorities released the video of the unusual incident in an effort to track the man down.

ABC 13 YouTube
ABC 13 YouTube

When officers arrived, they saw Hubbard running from the area while dragging the lawnmower behind him. He eventually abandoned the mower in an alley and police are asking anyone with information about Hubbard’s whereabouts to come forward. The report went on to add it was unclear if Mr. Hubbard edged the yard as well. But I will say that while Mr. Hubbard did commit a crime, at least he gave the yard a nice clean up and for that, we can't really be mad at him.

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