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You can buy almost anything at Walmart, but it looks like one Texas woman doesn't quite get the "almost" part of that.  According to a report from Fox News, 49-year-old Rebecca Taylor stands accused of trying to buy another shopper's baby.

An Unnamed Texas Mother Thought the Offer to Buy Her Baby Was a Joke at First

On January 13th, Lt. Ahleea Price with the Crockett Police Department reportedly received a frantic call from a mother who claimed that a woman next to her in the checkout line at Walmart "commented on her son’s blond hair and blue eyes and asked how much he costs."  According to a report from KETK, that woman was Rebecca Taylor.

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Rebecca Taylor Wasn't Joking About Buying a Baby at a Texas Walmart

The unnamed mother laughed it off as a joke, but that's when Taylor told the mother that she had $250,000 in the car and reportedly offered to pay that much.  When the mother told Taylor that no amount of money could purchase her child, Taylor allegedly kept the pressure on - going so far as to offer a full $500,000 to buy her baby.

A Pair of Women Reportedly Followed a Texas Mother to the Parking Lot Screaming Offers to Buy Her Child

The mother also reported that there was another woman with Rebecca Taylor who asked what the child's name was.  The mother declined to tell the pair and immediately left the store.  Allegedly, the 2 women followed the family out in to the parking lot where they continued to hassle the unnamed mother by yelling offers to buy her child.  The terrified mother locked herself and her 2 children in their car and waited for Taylor to leave.

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The Texas Walmart's Security Footage Backed Up Her Claims

After seeing that the store's security footage backed up what the mother was claiming, police went to Rebecca Taylor's residence to investigate.  That's when she reportedly told them that they could speak with her attorney and slammed the door on investigators.  Shortly afterwards, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Rebecca Taylor Was Arrested on Felony Charges for Trying to Buy a Baby at Walmart

On January 18th, Rebecca Taylor was arrested on the charge of sale or purchase of a child, which is a third-degree felony.  According to the Messenger, she is being held in the Houston County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

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