Shortly after President Obama's reelection, more than 125,000 folks signed a petition that was eventually received by the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Each signature on that document represented an opinion by those who wanted Texas to secede from the rest of the United States, and basically become it's own...Country?

That historical piece of paper was conceived by Texas National Guardsman Micah Hurd.  Hurd is also studying engineering at the University of Texas - Arlington.

Hurd's reason for the petition drive was focused on economic difficulties brought forth by our government in its failure to curb spending.  He also stated, more or less, that Texas, with its balanced budget, would do far better on its own, without government intrusion.

While a Regiment Commander of the Texas National Guard was none too happy about the immediate notoriety bestowed upon Mr. Hurd, it was later reported by a Guard spokesperson that Micah was well within his rights, and the letter sent to him by the commandant (oops...the Regiment Commander), asking him to suppress his opinions, was plain wrong.

So, instead of being the first state in a new union, and even though we went our own way for a brief time in 1861, Texas remains the 28th state, admitted on December 29, 1845.