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Halloween. Saturday night. A blue moon. A blackout at The Jones. Lubbock football fans couldn't ask for anything more. Well, except for a win against the Sooners. But the Red Raiders wouldn't get that treat. There were razorblades in the Halloween candy as Oklahoma dropped 42 unanswered points on their way to a 62-28 victory in Lubbock.

Texas Tech (2-3) squared off against Oklahoma (3-2) as the sun went down in Lubbock. The game marked "Hollywood" Henry Colombi's second start for the Red Raiders after taking over for Alan Bowman ahead of the West Virginia game.

1st Quarter

Colombi started fast, hitting wide receiver Erik Ezukanma with a bullet for a big 1st down, with a second pass right after. And then a third. Two first downs, nearly instantly. Colombi showed off his feet early on, running for another first down.

This set up a big run from SaRodorick Thompson, back from being banged up by the Mountaineers. The running back surprised the Sooners' defense with a run that saw him hit the middle scrum, then dart to the sidelines to take it 28 yards to the 5-yard line. Thompson got another shot to score and barely hit the pylon.

In less than three minutes of game time and just seven plays, the Red Raiders were up 7-0. It felt like air raid-era Red Raiders, but with a running game.

Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler had no chance to get anything going after a holding penalty kneecapped the Sooners' first drive. Punting it away, the Red Raiders got to start around their 32 yard line.

Colombi didn't slow down on the Red Raiders' second drive of the game, hitting Ezunkama for a first down. But the Red Raiders were hit with a slew of penalties, including one against head coach Matt Wells. Facing down a 3rd and 45 (yes, really), Colombi overthrew and left kicker Austin McNamara to punt from Texas Tech's end zone. The Sooners would get another shot from their 40-yard line.

Texas Tech's defense was laser-focused on shutting down the Sooners' run game. But the air was another story. After a dropped snap, Rattler recovered and launched a bomb that put OU in striking distance. It was an incredible display of focus from the freshman QB. A face mask penalty against Texas Tech saved the Sooners' flagging drive, giving running back Rhamondre Stevenson the chance to run it in, tying up the game, 7-7.

The Red Raiders averted disaster when a fumble on the kickoff rolled out of bounds, but couldn't avoid it the following play. A tipped pass from Colombi was intercepted, giving the Sooners the ball just yards away from another score. T.J. Pledger would run it in, and the Sooners took the lead, 14-7.

Colombi and co. got a little bit of their fire back on the next drive, sticking to the ground game. Unable to convert on a 4th and 1, Texas Tech's defense headed back on the field. But a big pass from Rattler put the Sooners at 1st and goal. Stevenson would pummel his way into the endzone on the following play after rolling off the Texas Tech d-line.

A PAT would give the Sooners a 21-7 lead.

Disaster struck again for Texas Tech on their next drive, with another tipped pass picked off by the Sooners. The interception, Colombi's second of the night, placed OU not far from the red zone. A short pass would position them at 1st and goal as the first quarter ended.

2nd Quarter

OU started the quarter by closing the gap within yards of securing 28 unanswered points. A goal-line standoff led to a fumble, but officials ruled that running back Jeremiah Hall pushed the ball past the plane of the end zone prior to it coming loose.

28-7, Oklahoma.

Colombi tried to get something going to dig the Red Raiders out of their hole, but ended up going 3 and out to give the Sooners the ball again.

Rattler under pressure would connect for a 30+ yard pass to explode into the Red Raiders' half of the field. Two plays later, he would connect with tight end Austin Stogner for another Sooners touchdown. At 35-7, the game felt out of reach for the Red Raiders just three minutes into the 2nd quarter.

Fate almost dealt Texas Tech another blow, with another fumble on their kick return. But the Sooners player that recovered it, Jamal Morris, was ruled out of bounds when he got control of the ball.

The Red Raiders would string together a couple of runs to set them up just over the 50-yard line after starting at the 35. But a strange decision to run the ball on 3rd and 10 would lead to Texas Tech punting the ball away. It was the fourth failed 3rd down-conversion of the night for Colombi.

Wide receiver Theo Wease took a short pass down the sidelines, nearly pulling away from all of Texas Tech's defensive backs before being tripped up. Stevenson would power through with a handoff to put OU back into the red zone. A quarterback draw from Rattler would almost get the gunslinger into the end zone. A play later, and Stevenson would finish the job. OU expanded their lead to 42-7.

The Red Raiders would instantly answer with their first touchdown since their first drive of the first quarter. Tight end Travis Koontz hauled in a pass and took it 75 yards to the house. The Sooners' lead was cut to 42-14.

The Red Raiders lucked out on the Sooners' following drive. A wide-open Marvin Mims dropped what would have been another touchdown pass, setting up a 3rd and 9 that Rattler couldn't convert. The broken-up pass would lead to a Sooners punt. Returner Adrian Frye would almost get bulled into another fumble but held on.

Running back Chadarius Townshend would explode for a first down. But a fumbled snap would give the Sooners another possession at midfield. A mix of runs and passes would put Oklahoma into the red zone. A crucial 3rd and 3 stop thanks to a dropped pass to Wease kept the Sooners to just a field goal, their first of the game.

Oklahoma 45, Texas Tech 14.

Another 3rd and out from Texas Tech after Colombi was sacked for a loss left Texas Tech no choice but to punt again.

Taking over with just over a minute left in the first half, the Sooners would fight to pad their lead before getting the ball back in the second half. OU would end up settling for another field goal with six seconds left, ending the half, 48-14.

3rd Quarter

The third quarter featured one more Sooner touchdown, this time a four-yard run from Henderson. This made the score 55-14.

The Red Raiders would muster zero points in the third quarter. It was a poor effort, and even worse execution.

4th Quarter it over yet? Frankenstein's Monster has ravaged the defensive line. The vampires have attacked the wide receivers. Freddy Krueger appeared in Colombi's nightmares. Leatherface sliced the running backs with a chainsaw. Mike Myers slashed the safety's visors. Pinhead and the Candyman ravaged the sidelines.

Two Red Raider touchdowns bookended a final Sooners score that made it 62-28, final.

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