Texas Tea Party leaders are unhappy with Gov. Rick Perry’s immigration-related positions and want him to call another special legislative session to give state lawmakers a third opportunity to ban sanctuary cities.

“This is an issue that is simmering and bubbling up to the surface … We are tired of lip service.  We are fed up.  We are fed up, too, Gov. Perry,” Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee chair JoAnn Fleming of Tyler said Monday.

Perry declared sanctuary cities an emergency issue in January and put it back on the special session agenda after lawmakers failed to approve a bill banning sanctuary cities in the regular session.  The bill also failed in the special session.

Now the Texas Tea Party is calling on Perry to call still another special session and resolve the issue once and for all.

A spokeswoman for the governor says the Tea Party leaders are preaching to the choir. She says they should take their complaints to the state lawmakers who have refused to act on Perry’s efforts to ban sanctuary cities .

via Texas Tea Party to Rick Perry: ‘We are fed up’ | Rick Perry 2012 Campaign for President– News and updates.

Do Tea Party leaders actually think Perry will put his presidential campaign on hold to preside over a contentious special session on illegal immigration?  Not very likely.

What do you think?