It happened during a game last Thursday near Amarillo.  Chris Leanos left the field under his own power, but collapsed on the sideline and ended up in a coma at the hospital.  

The brain injury was extensive enough that he needed surgery on Friday morning, and the Amarillo Globe-News says that lasted several hours.  Leanos was in a medically-induced coma over the weekend, and although he's expected to recover the school district said it will be a long road.

Leanos plays for the Perryton ISD, and suffered the injury against Bushland High.

The odds of life-altering injuries in football are still low when you consider all of the age groups that play, from youth to college to pro.  But you know this kind of thing flashes though every parent's mind as they're watching their sons play.

Best wishes to Chris Leanos, and here's hoping that the rest of the awesome, hard-working, enthusiastic Texas athletes stay safe.  We love football, and appreciate all the risks you take fellas.

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