What does it take to be a foodie?  The dictionary says just love food and be interested in it.  Ok!

Texas has a good grip on that with our love for brisket and tacos, and has several cities in the Top 50 in the US.  Where would you put Lufkin?

How much of your paycheck do you think you spend on food, and how much of that goes to restaurants?  Restaurants can make life easier on busy days, and they can be more fun than eating at home (if you ask the kids anyway).

Wallethub says we spend nearly a third of every food dollar on restaurant services, which could amount to one meal per day.  They ran the numbers to figure out the best and cheapest foodie scenes among the 150 largest cities, and Dallas, Houston, and Austin all ranked in the Top 50.

If you had to guess which of those cities ranked the highest, what would you say?  You're correct.  Austin ranked #18, Houston #39, San Antonio #75, and Dallas #78.  We're lucky in Texas to be surrounded by creative cooks.  Speaking of creative, ever heard of this?  Louisville, KY has a "hot brown," which is some sort of Louisville turkey sandwich with cheese and bacon on top.  Texas will brew the beer to go with it.

Here are the Top 10 Foodie Cities:

1 Orlando, FL
2 Portland, OR
3 Miami, FL
4 Tampa, FL
5 San Francisco, CA
6 Cincinnati, OH
7 St. Louis, MO
8 Salt Lake City, UT
9 Richmond, VA
10 Seattle, WA

Oh, and World Food Day is coming up this Sunday, Oct. 16, if you're looking for an excuse to really eat up, or maybe try something new.  "Hot Brown" anyone?