Texas is winning the internet, if you ask the website Reddit.  We've got more subscribers than any other state, but California is right on our heels.  Cool.  You've probably heard of Reddit, but what is it exactly?

You've probably heard of Reddit, but maybe you've never hopped on board and actually used it.  It's a subscriber-based social website that's free to join.  It's used as an article reference a lot, because it has become a good gauge for what people are talking about.

Wikipedia describes it as a bulletin board, and says when links or text posts are submitted, users can vote for or against them and the front pages have the submissions that get the most upvotes. Reddit users control the content they see with votes and chatter, and the posts that get the most love and attention rise to the top.

Among the things Reddit users are talking about right now -- well, the fact that Texas is ruling Reddit.  At last check, Texas had more than 49 thousand subscribers, and California was right on our heels with 48 thousand.  Colorado, Michigan, and Minnesota are near the top too, and then then there's the other end of the spectrum in states like Nevada, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  They have only two thousand or so Reddit subscribers and that's the low end, but no state has zero.  Some states have less to talk about than others apparently.

So there you go...if it's important to you to have Texas rule Reddit, have a big party in the back yard and have all of your best device-loving friends whip them out and sign up for Reddit.

Oh, and impress your friends with this bit of pop culture trivia.  One of the founders of Reddit is Alexis Ohanian, who is engaged to tennis star Serena Williams and they're expecting their first child soon.  That might be something to talk about.  On Reddit of course.

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