It takes a lot of grit and determination to make a marriage last 70 years!  And love too, we imagine.

Two couples tied the knot at a double wedding in Central Texas several decades ago, and they just celebrated that huge milestone this week.

KWTX says the couples had a double wedding ceremony at the Zion Lutheran Church in McGregor on November 14, 1946, and both couples have been happily married ever since.

Sisters Helene and Margaret Shulte, met cousins Ira Gohlke and Ray Westerfeld at a barn dance when they were teenagers.  The guys proposed after returning from service in the Army, and they decided to get married at the same time.  (And split the costs.  Brilliant!)

It's hard enough to imagine one couple reaching the 70-year mark, and that makes these two couples pretty sensational.  They still live a few miles from each other near Crawford, and they're still good friends and have served on several committees and been involved in the community as a group too.

It's an amazing story, and makes us all realize we could probably work to be a little better connected and committed to what works in our own little area of Texas.

Think this story would come out of New York or California?  Maybe!  But there's something special about Texas couples who make life happen.

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