Matthew Stafford is receiving some criticism from sports fans after signing a $135 million deal with the Detroit Lions, making him the highest paid player in NFL history.

Even though he's facing some backlash, Tee Grizzley has his back, claiming that Stafford will prove himself on the field. While speaking with TMZ, the "First Day Out" rapper says that he has been hanging out with Stafford, explaining that he will take the Lions "further than ever before."

"I done kicked it with him a few times," Grizzley explains. "He definitely focused. He's ready to get out there and show you boys why he got all that cheese. He'll bring some money to city anyway."

Grizzley also offers up some sound advice for Stafford as he deals with haters, advising him to not even respond and just play.

"Man, listen, man," he continues. All you gotta do is say nothing back to them. When you get on that field, it ain't going to be nothing else to talk about."

Reports say that Stafford will make approximately $27 million per year over the life of the contract, but other details of the contract have not been not disclosed.

Grizzley is also prospering in his musical endeavors, as he is gearing up to release his debut album, Activated, and is also preparing to hit the road for his Ain't It A Blessing tour.

Watch Tee Grizzley stand up for Matthew Stafford below.

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