The new northbound Route 59 overpass will open on May 7, 2014, connecting Loop 287 in Lufkin to Route 59 going towards Nacogdoches. We know new roads and traffic patterns can be stressful for those folks on the road, so ride with us first and be safe!

The new bridge will open for public traffic on the afternoon or evening of May 7. It's extremely important to slow down and use caution when navigating the new roads and ramps. Also, make sure you keep an eye out for the construction workers that are still out on the road continuing their work. There's a whole lot still going on on the road!

To get on the new overpass driving along Loop 287 in Lufkin going eastbound, motorists will exit on the right just past Rush Truck Center onto a connector that crosses under the Loop and rejoins it on the other side.

Coming westbound on the Loop, (in this case, joining the Loop from the Atkinson Drive onramp in Lufkin), motorists can simply take the Route 59 exit on the right towards Nacogdoches.

In both cases, the wide expanse of shiny white pavement crosses over the current Route 59, and then joins back up with it near Winston 8 Ranch just north of town.

We're just about as excited as we can get over a new overpass opening up. At the very least, it's going to make travel from Lufkin to Nac quicker and safer, and at the very most it's kind of fun to drive on!