American kids suffer about three and a half million sports-related injuries every year.  Three out of four of  those injuries are not considered serious, but that still means one in every four --  more than 800 thousand -- ARE serious.  Like to know which sports cause the most serious injuries?


The Mother Nature Network reports football is far and away the most dangerous sport for boys.  A study reported on WebMD confirms football is number one in the number of sports-related injuries, with nearly twice the injury rate as the next most popular sport, basketball.

The same study shows soccer is the leading injury producer for young girls, followed by volleyball and basketball. As shocking as this is, what's happening on the sidelines is even more disturbing.


The Los Angeles Times reports female high school cheerleaders suffer permanent disabilities caused by head or spinal injuries at twice the rate of girls in all other sports combined.

Today’s cheerleading is NOT what it was a generation ago.  It’s more gymnastic, and a lot more dangerous.

Worse, because cheerleading isn't classified as a "sport", there are almost no rules or regulations that would make it less dangerous.

Things to think about if your son wants to play football, or your daughter wants to be a cheerleader.