Awhile back we put up a post asking people which tattoo shop wast their favorite. Between Nacogdoches and Lufkin, there's a lot of talent in the "ink industry". And, all the different shops have their certain strengths.

Now, personally, all my ink is from Casey's Tattoo in Nacogdoches. Nothing against the other shops in the area, but I live in Nacogdoches, and you always hear positive things from Casey's, and the end results from Casey's are always awesome. I would say they're a solid all-around shop, doing well in most aspects of tattoos.

However, there are other shops as well. Shoot, there's even one shop in Lufkin that does traditional, hand-poked tattoos. That's right. At Black Spot Tattoo Company, they don't even use electric tattoo guns. Their artists do all their work one dot at a time. (Talk about needing patience for that job...)

And those are just two of several tattoo shops in the area. There are several. Now that you've heard just a small bit from my point of view, I want to hear from you.

  • Where do you get your ink done?
  • What strengths do you see in the different shops?
  • Who does the worst ink in your opinion?

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