A small pacifist college in Indiana has decided to return to its long standing tradition of not playing or singing the National Anthem at sporting events.

Goshen College is supported by the Mennonite Church, and it started allowing the anthem for the first time in its history just a few months ago.  This was an effort to make students and visitors from outside the school's faith feel more welcome.

The 1,000-student college has been playing an instrumental version of the anthem before games and other events, but after a flood of complaints, the anthem has been banned again.

Many Goshen students and alumni say the Star Spangled Banner's lyrics and militaristic images glorify war, and undermine their church's Christian beliefs by putting love of country above love for God.

Art professor John Blosser tells The Goshen News there is national pride at Goshen, but most people there aren't going to blindly accept what the country does.

via Goshen College Bans National Anthem At Sporting Events : The Two-Way : NPR.

Goshen College's board of directors says it will find an alternative that honors the country and the Mennonite Church-affiliated school's pacifist traditions.