Live Colbert Late Show not enough for you? You’re in luck for the actual 2016 election night. Win or lose, Stephen Colbert might host a live special that very night, according to new word from Showtime.

The news came from Showtime’s executive session with boss David Nevins at the Television Critics Association’s almost-finished press tour, though Nevins stressed a deal was not yet in place. Word is that the untitled comedy special would air on the night of Tuesday, November 8, with Colbert hosting, something the network boss said he’d been trying to arrange for some time.

Perhaps most tantalizing of all, the special would enable Colbert to be “unfettered” of any language constraints. Live political coverage has certainly been a strongsuit for Colbert in recent weeks, as RNC and DNC coverage brought a notable uptick to Colbert’s Late Show (as well the return of Jon Stewart), enough that CBS has scheduled similar live shows after the debates.

Further word should arrive soon, but is live Colbert the best relief we can hope for on such a tense evening as Election Night 2016?

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