If you're looking for a pain-free way to achieve a financial goal this year, this little process will help.  And at the end of the year you'll have an extra $1500 to show for it.

The theory is simple.  Just set aside a buck or two every day and watch it add up.

But there is some structure and discipline behind it.  Here's the method.

On Sunday, put $1 in your cash jar.  On Monday, add $2 to the jar.  When Tuesday rolls around, put in $3.  Increase the amount every day of the week and by Saturday you'll be putting in $7.  Then start over with $1 on Sunday and repeat the process.  By the end of this 52-week challenge, you'll have $1378 set aside, and if you toss in an extra $20 here and there, you'll have $1500 or more.

I know, I know.  I can hear you yelling right now, "But I don't carry any cash!"  For those of us that live an all plastic kind of life, we could set up auto-transfers and things.  The idea is to take a few bucks a day and hide if from ourselves, and we'll end up with a stash at the end of the year without really feeling the pain of sacrifice.  Modify to your liking.

Maybe you've got kids with an uncanny ability to suck the spare dollars out of your wallet every time you happen to have a stash.  Me too.  But if we can get the dollars into the cash jar before the kids get to it, money saved!  Too late kiddos, it's already in the save pot.

It's a matter of saving the daily, small amounts that usually go for things like coffee or gum or lunches out with friends, and putting it toward the future instead of the now.  Do-able?

I hope you have a prosperous 2018.  Even with kids.  And coffee.

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