Ever since Marvel and Sony announced plans to collaborate on the rebooting of Spider-Man, the studios have been playing things pretty close to the vest. Tom Holland is set to make his debut as the web-slinging hero in Captain America: Civil War, but fans have been curious about how Peter Parker will make his debut, and what exactly attracts him to this major conflict. A new rumor offers a few potential details about Spider-Man and his relation to the MCU, but as always, you should approach this one with a little skepticism.

The rumor originates at Geek.com, and it’s the first time we’ve reported a scoop from the site, which has pretty much no reputation when it comes to these things — that doesn’t mean their report is wrong, and the rumor does sound fairly believable. Anyway, here it goes:

According to the latest rumor, Spider-Man is drawn into the MCU by Tony Stark, who has been keeping tabs on the young, up-and-coming hero for some time now. As previously reported, Peter Parker has been doing his Spidey thing for about a year when we first meet him, and since Stark has access to certain top secret intel, it’s hardly surprising that he’d be one of the first to know about a new superhero on the streets. The rumor also suggests that Parker is a bit of an Iron Man fan boy, which also makes sense, given that he’s 15 years old and he’s grown up with Stark as a prominent superhero presence.

Other rumors have suggested that Spidey will have a big fight with Captain America in the film, but as comic book readers know, the web-slinger eventually switches over to Cap’s side, which is something that may very well happen in Civil War.

Holland’s Spider-Man has yet to appear in any of the marketing for Civil War, as Marvel has been reserving him as a bit of a surprise for fans, so don’t expect to see him pop up in TV spots or trailers, though we wouldn’t be shocked to see the character in leaked concept art or toy images between now and Civil War’s May 6 release date.

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