The Texas Rangers' second baseman got really ticked off Sunday when Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays tried to take him out with an aggressive slide.  The punch led to a brawl, and now a suspension from the league.  How long will Rougned Odor be out?

Fans were upset with Bautista's aggressive slide, and there may have been some high fives from Ranger fans around the bars on Sunday afternoon when Odor refused to take it.  But the punch wasn't the right move, according to Major League Baseball, and now the Rangers will have to play for over a week without one of the stars.

Odor has been suspended for 8 games, and fined $5000.  USA Today says he's appealing the suspension.

Something tells us he'll come back all fired up, and might add to his .271 batting average and seven home runs in a hurry.

Side note - the Rangers-Blue Jays series is quickly turning into a huge rivalry, kinda like the Yankees and Red Sox, or Cubs and Cardinals. Tension started last fall during the American League Division Series between Texas and Toronto, and the feather-fluffing has carried over into this year.  They're done playing each other for the regular season, but if they meet again in the playoffs this fall, brace yourself!

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