After threatening to leave the Republican Party because of what he said is the anti-immigrant sentiments expressed by Tea Party members and GOP presidential candidates, a Texas Republican leader has switched parties.

Lauro Garza is the national leader of Somos Republicans, the nation’s largest conservative Latino group. Garza, who lives outside Houston in Katy, says he has given up on the GOP because he's tired of what he calls fear-mongering by the Republican Presidential hopefuls.

He describes the current crop of candidates as “radical and unreasonable” and he called Herman Cain a “hateful bigot” for saying he wants an electrified fence on the US/Mexico border.

Garza insists he doesn't excuse illegal immigration or advocate open borders with Mexico, but GOP politicians are just wrong to say comprehensive immigration reform must wait until the border is safe and sealed.

Garza sees it the other way.  He says reform must come first because it's essential to taking the load off the border and securing it.

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In leaving the GOP, Garza likened himself to Ronald Reagan, who left the Democratic Party when he felt like it betrayed him.

Even though he no longer considers himself a Republican, Garza says he's staying on as the state leader of Somos Republicans for the time being, saying the organization's future direction is still being worked out.