No matter how annoying many people are with their cellphones, we can't stop them because it's illegal to jam radio signals. Cellphones smuggled to prison inmates are also a serious problem, but the Lufkin News reports Texas prisons are getting electronic help to fight cell phone calls -- legally.



The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is installing what's called a "managed access system" in two state prisons.

This new technology doesn't "block" cellphone calls. It intercepts them and routes them to approved numbers. It can also block emails, texts and internet log-ons.

The Stiles Prison Unit in Beaumont and the McConnell Unit in Beeville will get it first because they've had the most trouble with smuggled cellphones. 148 were confiscated last year at Stiles and 88 at McConnell.

Prison officials say there are no plans to put this system in other prisons.  We'll see about that.  Prison inmates are nothing if not resourceful.

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