Once you get through number one, the other two are as easy as pie... no pun intended.

The big day is almost here! Thanksgiving is next week and just like every other year, I'm going in with the best of intentions. The goal is to not overindulge. I want to remember Thanksgiving fondly and not spend the next three weeks wishing I had practiced a little more self control. Especially since Christmas is another time filled with so much food.

I vow to not spin out of control again this year.

That being said, I found a list of tips from dietitians to help avoid unwanted weight gain during the holidays. From this list, I was able to determine what I think are the most valuable tips for Thanksgiving day. These are the things I believe will be most beneficial in keeping yourself in check.

1. Get a workout in Thanksgiving day - I'm starting to realize why people do Turkey Trots the morning of Thanksgiving. Getting active like that will rev up your metabolism which will help you burn what you consume. I also think that knowing you worked hard that morning will make you want to honor that decision with your food choices later on.

2. Eat a little before the big meal - Eating a snack before heading to your Thanksgiving gathering will definitely help you abstain from extra calories. I typically snack on something healthy before happy hour or a get-together for two reasons. The first is so that I'm not hungry if there isn't food available and the second is so that I'm less likely to grab for unhealthy choices.

3. Help out in the kitchen - I have an uncle who loves to cook for others. I've noticed that anytime he works on a big meal for everyone, he doesn't eat very much of it. Sometimes when you're spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing a meal, it feels like you're eating your way through every step in the recipe. By the time the food is on the table, you're kind of over it. This happens to me when I bake.

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