With more than 600 million pieces of mail processed every day, along with hundreds of millions of FedEx and UPS packages, there are bound to be delays.  And it seems like there are more than ever this holiday season.

With all of our online shopping, it's raining packages on those poor guys in the package sorting warehouses and distribution centers.  And if you've peaked inside while the back door of the delivery truck is up, you know it's jam packed floor to ceiling with brown boxes.  They're even dumping off packages to golf carts in some places, and letting those scoot around neighborhoods and drop the packages at front doors.

Maybe you've gotten a message from UPS, similar to the one I got:  "12/04/2015 7:00 A.M. We have not yet unloaded the package from the trailer. This may delay delivery. / We’re working to deliver your package as soon as possible."  In other words, "All those clothes you ordered during the Black Friday sale are buried underneath other people's headphones and hoverboards, and we'll find them eventually."

Or maybe you've received notice of delays through a recorded phone call.  I was hanging out with a friend over the weekend who got a robo-call telling him his package was going to be a day late.  Even paying for the express shipping right now seems risky, doesn't it?

Hang in there, package delivery guys!  Thank you for putting up with our excessive cyber shopping.

Here are some shipping deadlines, by the way:

US Postal Service - December 19th for First Class mail.  December 21st for Priority Mail.

FedEx - It depends if you're shipping to Texas, or further out.  Click HERE to see the map.  FedEx says they will deliver on Christmas Eve, but not Christmas Day.

UPS - December 18th for 3-Day packages, and Monday December 21st is the deadline for 2nd Day Air packages.

Better yet, ship now and give those guys a break at crunch time during that last week.  They'll be glad when it's January.

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