Not every town with a population of 2000 people becomes a big tourist destination, but one East Texas town is quickly becoming a top spot for visitors.  I've heard so much about this place that I had to do a little more digging to find out more!

Jefferson is gaining notice for its history, tradition, museums, romantic getaways, and of course, the hauntedness.  The ghost walk tours have become a thing, and it's not just during the Halloween season.  You can get your freak on and have some haunted fun any Friday or Saturday night, and as puts it, acquaint yourself with some of the violent episodes of the past and see some of the town's most haunted locales.  Some say Jefferson is one of the most haunted places in the United States, shows no signs of slowing down.  It's consistently haunted, so apparently the ghosts really like it there.

There's a lot to take in besides the haunted aspect.  There are plenty of bright, sunny, happy things to do in Jefferson, like the tours by horse-drawn carriage.  From scary to romantic!  Those take you past over 70 historical sites and usually take about two hours.  If you're shorter on time, the Turning Basin Riverboat Tours are a one-hour journey through the Big Cypress Bayou, and several of your friends can go along.  The boats hold twenty-two adults and have roofs to keep you out of the elements.  If you want to go fishing, there's the huge Lake O’ The Pines, which is a 17,000 acre reservoir of Big Cypress Bayou.

Jefferson is home to lots of antique shopping too, and it seems like Texans are always on the hunt for that.  Home tours are another idea, if you're looking for inspiration to fix up your own house, or just want to soak in a little more East Texas history.

Oh, and the Jefferson General Store!  That rare sight has been open for business since the 1870's. You can play some checkers, put a nickel in the juke box, sip on a root beer float from the soda fountain while munching on a traditional Texas praline.  The creaky wood floors are the exclamation point on your social media post.

East Texas has many great adventures and road trips to discover, and we'll keep highlighting them here.  In the meantime, go check out Jefferson!

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