E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, and another East Texas Town may try to put a damper on that national trend.

Nacogdoches is thinking about moving toward a ban on e-cigarettes, as more towns across our neck of the woods, and across the state and country, continue to research the effects of using them.  E-cigarettes create a vapor that is inhaled, and some call it "vaping."

Nacogdoches has an anti-smoking ordinance in place, and KTRE reports some restaurants have asked the city if they're in violation of that ordinance when a customer lights up an e-cig.  The answer is no.  So far.  But e-cigarettes could be added to the anti-smoking ordinance in the coming weeks.

The Nacogdoches city council will talk about it tonight, but it's not clear if they'll make a final decision.  An e-cigarette ban is already in place in Lufkin.

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