President Barack Obama is on the horns of a classic dilemma.  Like every POTUS for the past 102 years, Obama is the honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America.

However, unlike the previous POTUSes, it is reported in the Lufkin News that Obama doesn't agree with the Scouts' stated policy of not allowing openly homosexual boys and men to be scout members or scout leaders.


This came up three weeks after the Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed its longstanding policy of excluding open gays as members and adult leaders.

A White House spokesman announced Wednesday that Obama opposes the policy, but has no plans to resign his honorary position.

In response, the Boy Scouts say they respect Obama's opinion and believe that "good people" can disagree on the subject and still work together to "accomplish the common good."

Obama is a staunch supporter of gay-rights, even coming out in support of same-sex marriage earlier this year. Various liberal organizations have called on him to distance the White House from the Boy Scouts because of this membership policy.