President Obama is under fire from his own political party, over his plan to withdrawal more than 30,000 troops from Afghanistan.

general patraeus

While some Republicans are nervous about the possibility of a precipitous drawdown, a number of prominent Democrats criticized the president for not bringing the troops home quickly enough.

Underscoring the difficulty the president will have keeping Congress on board for a war that is expected to last well beyond his current term in office, that criticism is coming from the top down in the Democratic caucus.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi gently, but clearly, chided the president over his Afghanistan announcement Wednesday night.

"It has been the hope of many in Congress and across the country that the full drawdown of U.S. forces would happen sooner than the president laid out -- and we will continue to press for a better outcome," she said in a statement.

If you happened to miss the Presidents speech, you can click here to view a written copy.