When people in Texas expressed dismay and anger when they learned that a retired space shuttle would be going to New York, and not to Houston, one of New York's Senators said something many Texans found downright insulting.

Senator Charles Schumer told reporters "When people from Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and Amsterdam start saying they want to go to Houston, maybe then they'll get a shuttle.  I'd say to Texas, don't mess with New York."  He also described the angry Texas congressional delegation as "poor-losers."

Well.  Let's take a look at who is losing what.

Since we're talking about a space shuttle, what city is home to NASA?  When NASA was created, Houston got the space center and Mission Control. Not New York City. Over 50 years Houston has become the natural habitat for almost everyone and everything connected to the space program.

And we all know what the first word spoken on the moon was.

If New York is so superior to Texas, why are so many people leaving New York and coming to Texas?  The 2010 Census shows the state of New York grew just 2% while Texas grew  21%.

The growing population will give Texas more congressional seats, more electoral votes, and a bigger voice in national politics. Texas gained 4 House seats - we now have 36 - while New York lost 2 seats and now has only 27.  New York has "The Incredible Shrinking Delegation." We can't wait to see the 2020 Census.

New Yorkers are moving south and southwest because of better job opportunities, lower taxes and living costs. They're finding a quality of life that doesn't exist in New York anymore. The old saying that "New York is a great place to visit, but you don't want to live there" is really true.

So even with a space shuttle that never flew in space to dazzle the tourists, in terms of political and economic power, New York and Senator Schumer appear to be the real losers. You can have that old shuttle Chuck. Texas doesn't need it as much as you do.

via New York and Schumer are the poor losers, not Texas | Inside Policy & Politics | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle.

Senator Schumer would do well to remember it's not wise to rub it in and insult people you've just defeated and embarrassed. It just makes them want to make you regret it.