If you think you know your A, B, Cs, think again.

An Australian man named Paul Mathis has invented a new letter for the alphabet which people could use in lieu of writing the word “the.”

Mathis has spent $38,000 coming up with the symbol, which you can see above. It could take some getting used to, but on first impression it looks like something you might see on the periodic table.

Mathis also explained why it’s so important to create the letter, saying “the” is the fifth-most used word in the English language. He also says it would make using Twitter easier, which, at 140 characters is actually a valid point.

Of course, if this movement catches on, where would “the” go in the alphabet? Before “A?” After “Z?” And what happens to the song we all used to learn the alphabet? Does a new version have to be recorded?

Clearly, there are just so many questions we don’t know “the” answers to.

While you wait for some clarification, you can download the app that will give you a keyboard with the symbol and check out a video explaining the need for the new letter below: