Galveston is in for a treat (or big trouble, depending on your taste in music) when "The Oldest Town In Texas Roadshow" rolls into Galveston's Grand 1894 Theater, 7 pm, August 16th, 2014!

As you can see from the photo, I've had to leave town pretty early to get down there because my mode of transportation (Old Sparkle Eye) burns a lot of hay.

The Oldest Town In Texas Roadshow is a one night only variety musical starring:

  • Stephen Pate, known as "the greatest guitar player in the lower 48". We're not sure whether it is states or vertabrae, but still...
  • Stephen's lovely wife, (rumored to be an actual angel from heaven) Jan Pate, who sings "Crazy" like she means it.
  • CAMO ELVIS, a six degrees of Kevin Bacon descendant of Big Foot, and renowned deer whisperer.

There will also be surprise guest stars popping in to sing that night and even a visit by the one and only "Smokey Bear" for the kids.

This is a show for the whole family that starts with a prayer and ends with a bang (hopefully).

This is your chance to have one last party in Galveston before school begins!

Just one of the fun facts you'll learn that night...the combined age of the performers actually adds up to 1894...the same year the Grand 1894 theater was built.

I'll be giving away tickets to the show all next week on "Maule In The Morning" weekdays 7 to 8 am on

Remember! One Night Only!

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