Over the past few months, we've watched a lot of changes come about in Nacogdoches. Being a resident of Nac myself, it has been awesome to watch!

You walk downtown, and there's a shop in every space. You drive down the road and see new building construction, as well as building renovations. It's truly a great sight to see Nacogdoches growing, while still keeping the "small town feel" about it. Over the past 3 months, there has been so much added to Nac that we can brag about.

After it's closing in 2013, the Hotel Fredonia is now open once again, after a complete renovation. I haven't been by there yet, but from the pictures I've found online, it looks like it's quite the gem in Nacogdoches.

Next on the list is the Fredonia Brewery. This one has been open on Saturdays for a couple of months, and it's always a good time. The brews, the food that they bring in, it's all a great time. And now, you can buy the beer off store shelves!

On a similar note to the Brewery, there's the Front Porch Distillery that opened up about six weeks ago. You get to tour the facility so that you can see what goes into the process of making the products. And, on the weekends, they bring in local music talent and local food trucks as well.

These are just a few of the add-ons that have come to Nac. I mean, there are others as well. Actually, there are too many to name. Like I said before, it's a great thing to be able to watch Nac grow, and to have a front seat to that growth!

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