Unless this turns out to be some kind of publicity stunt, it is kinda creepy.

The Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau was out in a helicopter along with Utah Division of Wildlife Resource Officers counting bighorn sheep when they stumbled across something weird in the middle of nowhere. First of all, is counting bighorn sheep a thing in Utah?  Is that a hobby for just these guys or is it something that Utah peeps, in general, are into?

I'm kidding. I'm sure it had something to do with animal management. They really did find something straight out of a science fiction movie though. Check out the video. They landed nearby and did look the thing over but still have no idea how it got there or who may have put it there. Whoever it was ... Alien Being, Hollywood, etc ... they better not take credit for it. Seems it's illegal to "install" things on federal land without permission. So, heads up ET - you just broke the law. Don't wander into a bar if you're packing your laser gun either, that's illegal too. (Usually.)

Seriously, this is weird. Watching the videos that have popped up of this thing, I totally kept waiting for the crew from Star Trek to pop up from behind a rock. If they or Stanley Kubrik didn't leave it there, and it's not a cryptic, alien message warning us that our car warranty has expired, we may need to get Space Force up and running quickly.

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